• Friends for Life

    We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is dedicated to getting dogs out of shelters and into forever homes.

    We offer need based training scholarships and medical assistance to households that have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, a dog from an approved Whatcom County shelter.

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  • Training Scholarships

    • Need based
    • For dogs adopted from Whatcom County
    • Scholarships can be used at any training center
    • Training centers must exclusively use positive reward based methods.
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  • Medical Assistance

    We are pleased to announce that in addition to training scholarships, we are now offering medical assistance. Medical assistance is need based and dogs must have been adopted from an approved Whatcom County shelter.

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Training Scholarships

starPositive reward based training can help dogs stay in their forever homes by encouraging bonding and good behavior. We offer need based scholarships to individuals and qualified adoption centers in Whatcom County, WA. Our scholarships are exclusively for positive reward based training and can be used at any training center, regardless of location. To be eligible, dogs must be adopted from a qualified shelter in Whatcom County and scholarships can only be used at centers that exclusively practice positive training methods.

Medical Assistance

crossMedical care can be a major and unexpected expense, for humans and animals. Sadly for animals, these expenses sometimes can't be met. We offer need based medical assistance to individuals and qualified shelters in Whatcom County, WA. If your dog is facing a catastrophic or emergency medical expense, we may be able to help! Healthy dogs are more likely to be adopted and stay in their forever home, and are less likely to be needlessly euthanized.

Why Positive Training?

happy face Positive reward based training is a proven and effective method for training dogs kindly and humanely. It encourages bonding and respect between dogs and their people, creates an atmosphere where dogs want to learn, and prevents dogs from developing negative coping mechanisms (e.g. timidness, aggression). We believe happy, well behaved dogs are those dogs most likely to be adopted and stay in their forever home. Positive training is the only method we endorse!

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