Brooklynn the Pitbull

My baby Brooklynn, a 5 year old pitbull, has been the light of my life since I brought her home at just 8 weeks old. We had a special connection the first time we met before she was old enough to leave her mother. Since that day she has brought me more joy than I could even explain in words. She is sweet, playful, loving, and has the most amazing personality! Truly one of a kind! She loves the outdoors and is a great representative of the bully breed! She has changed the minds of many, as everyone that is introduced to her and has a misconception about the breed, quickly changes their minds and is in love.

She is loved by so many which is why the night of Jan 23rd was so devastating. She was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia after a scared respiratory episode. We were sent to Seattle to a specialist (as we live in Wenatchee) since our vet thought that her condition was out of his comfort level. The estimated cost of surgery is $5,500.00 all upfront before a surgery can be performed. This is way beyond my means as I am a full time student in the Nursing Program in town. My parents were equally saddened as they have grown VERY fond of her (almost more than they love me I’m beginning the think) and also are in a financial bind since my fathers medical bills are still piled high (after his fight with lymphoma less than 6 months ago). We were frightened that we were going to have to put her down but with the help of FFL our prayers have been answered. Upon hearing of FFL I quickly filled out the medial assistance application and within 24 hours received a response and was granted $2,000.00 towards her surgery! This is a miracle to me and my family and are more than grateful that we can now have the surgery to fix my baby! Her surgery is scheduled for 1/31 and we are so glad to get this behind us and very much look forward for the years we have ahead of us. We will forever keep FFL in our hearts for they have provided us with the chance to love miss Brooklynn for many years to come! I’m so glad to know that there are angels out there in all forms! FFL is definitely a saving grace in my eyes! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts- Jessica and Brooklynn

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