Graham the Cat

We are so thankful to FFL and don’t know what we would have done without their help. My daughters kitten Graham was hit by a car and his back left leg was severely broken. We knew it was going to be expensive but we were just not in a position at that time to afford the cost, we also knew we could not even imagene having to put him down. I decided to see if there were any organizations who would help with funding and I came across FFL. They proved to be an answer to our prayers. He ended up needing to have his leg amputated. FFL helped us cover the cost and we will be forever thankful to them. It is just wonderful to know that there are organizations out there who care for families and their animals like our little Graham. My daughter Alma is so grateful as Graham is her kitty. Graham did amazing and he has healed up very well. He is able to get around surprisingly well, almost as good as before. He has been nicknamed “Graham the Trigger”. Thank you FFL with all our hearts. Regards Paula, Alma and Graham.


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    Graham the Cat
    We are so thankful to FFL and don’t know what...
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