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Friends for Life Canine Scholarship Fund helps dogs stay in their adoptive homes. Working with shelters, low-income households, veterinarians, and positive-reinforcement dog trainers, Friends for Life facilitates and subsidizes critical medical care and training for dogs in need.

Friends for Life Canine Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2010. It was clear that our local shelters and rescue groups were doing everything in their power to adopt dogs to permanent, responsible, forever homes, but they had little effect to ensure that dog stayed in that home once adopted. By providing the resources needed so that all shelter and rescue dogs are trained in their new homes, we help secure that home for the rest of the dogs life. A well mannered dog is a forever companion!

Staff & Board

  • Angi Lenz – Board President, Director
  • Jean Barnett – Secretary
  • Kim Nakatami – Treasurer
  • Michael Nichols – Grant Writer

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